Shinjo - A Snow Country Festival Town

In an area of heavy winter snows
the hot summer arrives bringing excitement for the coming
Shinjo Matsuri - a festival of dynamic and colorful floats illustrating historical themes with lively musical accompaniment
Shinjo is full of the spirit of human nature.

Mamurogawa - a town of plum blossoms and giant trees

Located to the northeast of Mt. Kamuro in the Ou mountain range
Surrounded by abundant nature and beautiful unusually shaped mountains
Traditional wild vegetables have been gathered and enjoyed from generation to generation
A peaceful landscape.

Mogami Machi - A spiritual township with a giant notable tree.

A timelessness as you languidly soak in the onsen, remember
the legend of Yoshitsune Minamoto and follow in the footprints of Basho Matsuo’s journey to the north.

Kaneyama - The township of Seasonal Symphonies

Carp swim in the Ozeki weirs among old houses
Walking around traditional cedar-beamed white plaster houses, time passes gently.

Funagata - the town of the wonderful Jomon no Megami and vibrant sweet fish

There are fishermen and other people who love the river.
The Ogunigawa River brings blessings
The Jomon no Megami is a national treasure. (a 4,500-year old clay figure goddess from the Jomon period)
Funagata symbolizes eternity

Tozawa - the township of the Mogamigawa river boat cruise

In unspoiled nature the boat cruises gently down the Mogamigawa River to the accompaniment of boatmen singing the traditional Mogami Funa Uta.
A mile deep in the Mogami gorge, the forest of illusions, “ Genso no Mori” has ancient cedar trees with huge twisted branches. Some of the trees are over 1,000 years old.
Meditate quietly between the grandeur of nature and the luxury of time in a peaceful setting.

Sakegawa - the township of the Japanese Furusato

A tradition of local culture amidst the green of nature is the essence of the Japanese Furusato. Mountains with natural, untouched vegetation that hasn’t changed at all for centuries.
Mild and precious time is a gift.

Okura – Beautiful village ・ Brilliant residents ・ Brightness

Okura gets some of the deepest snowfall in all Japan.
It is near to the holy Mt. Gassan, which accumulates 30 meters (30 m.) of snow over the winter.

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