Shinjo Mogami Manga Museum

The birth place of Manga
Unique presentation of manga subculture in a classical wood paneled space


Shinjo Mogami Manga Museum


新庄市多門町1-2 JR新庄駅隣接 最上広域交流センター「ゆめりあ」 1階 もがみ体験館内


The "Shinjo Mogami Manga Museum" is located within Yumeria in Shinjo Station. Exhibits include original illustrations as well as replicas of original art created by local artists such as Yoshihiro Togashi of "Hunter x Hunter" and "Yu Yu Hakusho" and Yutaka Abe who worked on the "Detective Conan" animated films. There are also character figures and other rare items on display, making it a must-visit place for lovers of manga!