-Food・Harvest・Autumn leaves・Exploring-

The Mogami area lies in naturally rich countryside surrounded by mountains. In autumn especially, it is blessed with the bounty of wild nature. So, shall we go on a luxury adventure and savor local delicacies while absorbing the sounds of nature?


◆ The Mogami river boat cruise. Relax and enjoy the rich color of autumn leaves. This boat cruise gently runs down the Mogami River to the accompaniment of boatmen singing the traditional Mogamigawa Funa Uta. On the boat, you will be served a tasty boxed lunch with taro potato stew (local soul food called Imoni) as you glide past the fascinating waterfall called “Shiraito no Taki” that looks like a silver thread pouring from the hillside.

◆ Kaneyama Machi is known for its traditional white plaster houses accented by cedar beams and a dark brown or black roof style called kirizuma-zukuri. Enjoy taking a walk through the preserved architecture of the town. In autumn, you can also experience mushroom picking while strolling in the forest.

◆ After walking around the town during the day absorbing the scent of autumn, let’s take a break at Schönes Heim. A sweeping green valley vista spreads out from the restaurant and hot spring.
It’s Lovely!

◆ Another nearby hot spring is Bairien in Mamurogawa. From here you can see the holy mountains, Gassan and Hayama. Soak in the hot springs and enjoy the atmosphere as you prepare for early tomorrow morning.


◆ Before sunrise, dress in warm clothes for an unusual experience! We are off to the entrance of the Yozo-touge trekking pass in Sakegawa village. We will travel up the mountain path by car. You can see a superb view of the Shinjo basin that can be seen for only a short time in the early morning. With luck, you will be favored with a gorgeous sunrise among a fantastic sea of clouds.

◆ Did you enjoy the refreshing early morning air? Are you ready to take a workshop on soba noodle making at the soba restaurant, Jujiro?

◆ It’s time for lunch! Enjoy a delicious local lunch surrounded by the autumn leaves at Bairien. Bon appetit! After a satisfying meal, let's enjoy the trolley train traveling gently through the forest.

◆ The Shirakawa Valley is famous for iwana and yamame (Japanese char and red-spotted masu trout) fishing. You can enjoy the autumn leaves and surrounding mountains.

◆ At Semi Onsen, nestled by a clear tributary of the Mogami River, you can reflect on the day while sampling the different onsen baths. Semi Onsen’s special imoni stew is made with the sticky “Jingoemon” potato, one of the “Mogami Densho Yasai” or locally produced vegetables. This is the genuine taste of Mogami.


◆Funagata Machi also has fertile land and pure water. The Mushroom Stand Funagata, a fresh mushroom restaurant, serves an all-mushroom menu. You will be able to enjoy various healthy mushroom dishes, pizzas, soups and salads, etc.

◆ Shinjo Ecology Garden is a public relaxation space amongst the greenery of big trees. A very popular open market, called “Kitokito MARCHE” is held on the third Sunday of every month from May to November. Additionally, the “Mayu no Sato“ farmers’ market wliichis is open every day sells seasonal vegetables and food products produced by local farmers in Shinjo, along with wild vegetables freshly gathered in the countryside.

◆Next, we head to the history center. Two of the prize-winning festival floats from the Shinjo festival of floats are displayed here, following annual selection by a committee that decides on the best-designed floats.
Other exhibition spaces display traditional goods and folk art that tell of the history and culture of Shinjo.
Please in savor the atmosphere of our snow country.

◆The Mogami Manga Museum located in Yumeria, Shinjo station. Well-known manga artists such as Yoshihiro Togashi, the author of Hunter×Hunter, and YuYu HAKUSHO and Yutaka Abe, the author of (Detective Conan), are associated with the Shinjo / Mogami area. There are rough drafts, special original illustrations, replica figures of characters from each of the illustrators’ manga, as well as personal items on display. For enthusiastic fans, these are a must-see. There is a shrine to Kamuten, Shinjo City’s mascot character, at the entrance to this museum.
Let's wish for a fulfilling journey here.

Autumn exploration in Mogami, gives you a fantastic chance to recharge your energiesy with the Shinjo Festival of floats, hot springs, wonderful local dishes, traditional culture, and sacred nature.

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