-fireworks. Snow Country Experience-

The Mogami area lies in naturally rich countryside surrounded by mountains.
Every winter there is heavy snow. It’s a magical world.
Let us show you our winter wonderland.
Let's learn about traditional culture and snow country lifestyle.


◆ The Akiyama ski resort holds the "White Athlon World Cup," a unique snow country competition featuring raricns events.
There are also fun activities like playing in the snow wearing Japanese snow-shoes and fumidawara (traditional jumbo boots made of straw).

◆ Hijiori genso yukikairo. Every winter, people in Hijiori carve thick-walled snow lanterns out of the snow that are over 4 meters high. The candlelight inside the snow lanterns creates a nostalgic and romantic atmosphere. You will feel like you are in a dream walking among the many white lanterns lit by the soft orange candlelight.

◆ Let’s recuperate at this hot spring onsen with its long 1,200 year history as a health resort. Sleds can be rented from Ideyukan for more fun in the snow.


◆ With an annual accumulation of snow of over 4 meters, Hijiori has one of the highest snowfalls in all of Japan. You can revel in the brilliance of this heavy snowfall area.

◆ The Mogami River boat cruise. On the boat you will be able to relax and enjoy snow-covered scenery. A feature of the winter cruise is the large, toasty kotatsu. You can stay warm while listening to the boatman sing the famous Mogamigawa River song. Along the way, the boat passes a waterfall called “Shiraito no Taki” that looks like a silvery thread. All this will make you hungry for the tasty lunch box served on the boat.

◆ If you are looking for the chance to communicate with local residents, it is possible to arrange to stay at nearby farmhouses. The hosts will give you tips on how to shovel snow, how to gather vegetables that are grown under the snow, and Mogami techniques for building kamakura a Japanese style igloo!


◆ Snow Country Wonderland is a temporary amusement park open only at the weekends during January and February. You can have your fill of fun on snow attractions such as the banana boat, snow mobile, and sledding on the giant slide.

◆ Do you know Shinjo’s soul food? It’s torimotsu ramen, or noodles with chicken liver. In the old days torimotsu used to be eaten at home. Now it is served at ramen noodle shops in Shinjo. You should try it!

◆Next, we head to the history center.
Two of the prize-winning festival floats from the Shinjyo festival of floats are displayed here, following annual selection by a committee that decides on the best-designed floats.
Other exhibition spaces display traditional goods and folk art that tell of the history and culture of Shinjo.
Please savor the atmosphere of our snow country.

◆The Mogami Manga Museum located in Yumeria, Shinjo station.
Well-known manga artists such as Yoshihiro Togashi, the author of Hunter×Hunter, and YuYu Hakusho and Yutaka Abe, the author of Detective Conan. are associated with the Shinjo / Mogami area. There are rough drafts, special original illustrations, replica figures of characters from each of the illustrators’ manga, as well as personal items on display. For enthusiastic fans, these are a must-see.
There is a shrine to Kamoten, Shinjo City’s mascot character, at the entrance to this museum.
Let’s stop and make a wish here.

Winter traveling in snow country.
You will have so many memories of snow, snow, snow, and snow, plus our relaxing hot spring onsens and traditional Yamagata culture.

Your will have on unforgettable visit!

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