Takenotsuyu Sake Brewery

Dewa Sanzan Shrine sacred sake: Shonai sake made with Gassan meltwater


Takenotsuyu Sake Brewery




〒997-0152 Yamagata Prefecture, Tsuruoka-shi, Haguromachi Inomata Shinden Aza Tayamae 133


The Takenotsuyu Sake Brewery was established in 1858. Surrounded by a beautiful bamboo grove, the sake storehouse that produces the delicious sake came to be known as Takenotsuyu. In 1923, the brewery moved to its current location after taking over the storehouse that produces the yeast vital to crafting the special shrine sake. Ninety years and over 5,000 bottles later, the living yeast continues to delicately influence the moromi (unrefined sake), creating a one-of-a-kind taste.